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DECOEXSA MEDITERRANEO Bankruptcy 2015-10-27

Dear WINner´s

As explained some years ago, the company called DECOEXSA MEDITERRANEO, which was operating in Valencia, and where DECOEXSA had some shares, will close down, because bankruptcy.

DECOEXSA MEDITERRANEO is a complete independent company outside from  the DECOEXSA Group, with absolute independent management and financial policy. There is no link with DECOEXSA Spain. In fact DECOEXSA SPAIN is also in the creditors list for this company.

DECOEXSA Spain has its own office in Valencia under the name of DECOEXSA OVERSEAS, 100% of the DECOEXSA Group.

So please be informed, as we do not want to mix the information, that the news about DECOEXSA MEDITERRANEO bankruptcy are true, but nothing to be related, linked or associated with DECOEXSA SPAIN, which is the WIN member.

The financial information of DECOEXSA Spain is at the WIN office and has been supervised by the Board, as we do with any member every two years.
If any member needs more information, please contact with Albert Maier (, and we will be very pleased to inform you.




Albert Maier 

Corporate Development Manager 


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